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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Post 4: Instant Messanging, Man...its the wave of the future...

Instant Messaging and libraries…what a fantastic idea. I think this is so neat. In college I was an instant message fanatic. I would have totally used instant messaging to contact a reference librarian. I’m in the middle of writing a paper and I need a quick answer to a question…it would be much easier to instant message a librarian than stop what I was doing, walk to the library, and find what I need (I could always google it too). On one of my library visits, the reference librarian told me a little about instant messaging and libraries. She showed me the window that she sees. It looked very easy to use. She also told me a bit about the policies regarding abuse of the instant messaging (for example, a patron swearing at her, she can warn them, and then kick them out). I think it is also good because it allows patrons to be anonymous. Sometimes, they are a bit embarrassed about the information that they need. Instant messaging would be a great way to get the information without embarrassment. Not to mention, many people love instant messaging (my sister, who is 19, is almost always on an instant messenger…not to mention the phone and email…while listening to music and doing her homework…it’s amazing). I think that it would help libraries remain relevant. It would show that we are not afraid of change or technology. Plus, I think it would help get more kids “into” the library.


Blogger Michelle said...

I agree with you that IM can bring a lot more users "into" the library, even though they may only visit the library's website. Just the fact that the library is available to help will send a positive message to the community.

11:40 AM  

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