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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Post 2: Podcasting.

Podcasting was created by an MTV VJ named Adam Curry. The name was meant to sound like the word broadcasting and iPod, even though you don't need an iPod to listen to it (you can use any audio device that supports mp3's,). Podcasting is great because its usually free and it lets you listen to what you want, when you want it. Its kind of like taping your favorite radioshow to listen to later, except without the hastle of trying to remember to tape fact, you can subscribe to your favorite Podcasts and have them waiting for you til you're ready to listen to them. Also, the other great thing about Podcasts is that anyone can do it.
I have never listened to a Podcast before. So I went online to find some Podcasts to try out. The first place I tried was PodCastAlley. PodcastAlley was very helpful, it had a forum which had a section on how to get podcasts. The forum also had information about other websites that had Podcasts. It also had information on how to do a Podcast and how/where to put it on online. On the homepage, it has a section where you can pick a genre of podcasting or you can search for a specific podcast. I thought that was great, especially since I don't know any specific podcasts yet. I subscribed to about 10 podcasts, all music related. I love the little blurbs about each podcast, to give you an idea of what you're getting in to. I have only listened to one, Punky Radio, and it was alright.
Podcasting is a powerful tool. Anyone with access to internet can access a Podcast or even record one. There are tons of free Mp3 players online. Podcasts are powerful because anyone can make one and they aren't regulated by the FCC. This is great because people can feel free to say whatever they want. I think it would be smart for libraries to start podcasting. One of my good friends already enjoys books on mp3's which she gets from her library. I did find quite a number of podcasts related to the library, such as Open Stacks which is "one librarian's perspective on things of interest to the Library and Information Science profession", or IR Conversations which is "a PALINET institutional repository discussion for librarians, archivists and others in university/institutional settings". Lansing Public Library has multiple podcasts for each of the sections in their library. I hope more libraries will put podcasting on their websites. On the CPL website, they have audiobooks that can be downloaded, but not if you have an iPod or are using a Mac. I was hoping to find a podcast on the website, but I didn't find one...but maybe there is one there, really buried...anyway, what I guess I'm saying is that Podcasting would be a great tool for a library.


Blogger Michael Stephens said...

It would be nice to see CPL launch a podcast initiative.

I just blogged about Podcast policies in libraries at:

5:28 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Interesting! I never knew the origins of podcasting.

7:15 AM  

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