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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Post 3: Librarian Blogs of Note

I have only read one or two blogs done by individual librarians. I have read The Shifted Librarian's blog and Tame the Web. Both of these blogs are extremely interesting to read. These blogs talk about everything from trends in libraries to new technologies that libraries can use (such as nintendo learning games). These blogs (and the many others out there) are important tools for librarians to use. They are great as a way for librarians to communicate with one another. Librarians can (and do) comment on the blogs, which can lead to great discussions...which can then lead to changes in individual libraries. It can keep librarians informed as to what libraries around the world are doing. Librarian blogs can also be read by patrons of the library (and anyone else that happens to come across it). This is great because it can keep patrons up to date on whats going on with their libraries. It can also give patrons a chance to give some input. For example, the laughing librarian on the october 24th post talks about the COPA act (and its pretty amusing as well). There are also tons of blogging communities on the web for librarians. Livejournal and Myspace have tons of communities dedicated to librarians, librarian wannabe's, and librarian-ophiles (Not a real word, I know...but its shorter than those that love librarians). One of the livejournal communities is Library Grrls. This community is great for networking. One of the entries I looked at was from a graduating MLIS student who wanted help getting into an academic library.
Anyway, what I guess I'm saying is that librarian blogs are great tools for getting librarians together and discussing library issues. Its also a great networking tool.
One of the major downsides of blogging is that it has to be updated on a regular basis...but its really easy to blog, and doesn't take a long time to there's no excuse, says I....


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